The old city of Fez, that would later include the Mellah – the Jewish quarter in Morocco – is truly a living museum. The smells, the people, the architecutre, the history, all witness a special past of the city. A City that has been known as the center of spirituality in Morocco par excellence.


Fez is home of al Qarawiyeen mosque which embraces the first university in the world. Fez was a destination to the famous Sephardic philosopher and Rabbi: Moses Maimonides. He lived in the heart of the Medina of Fez where the house in which he lived still stands still.

Clock by Maimonides House in the Medina of Fez.

Fez was home for the first Mellah in Morocco, established in 1438. No Jew lives there today, yet its walls, balconies, homes, and synagogues speak for a strong presence of Judaism. A walk there takes one back to a history of a Jewish minority, their way of life, institutions, a look inside the houses and a whole nostalgic experience.

An ancient postcard of the Mellah of Fez.

So what is the story of the Mellah? Its origins? Why a seperate quarter for the Jews? These questions and others would be discussed while taking a walk in this historic place.


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