Casablanca is the largest city in Morocco; it is full of life and action. It is also home of the largest Jewish population in the country.

Visiting Casablanca, one gets to experience the Moroccan Jewish life today. Jewish schools, kosher restaurants and bakery shops, small and big synagogues, and other parts of everyday life, all speak for a community which although might be relatively small in number, is still dynamic and present in the social/ cultural life of the city.

The Jewish museum of Casablanca is the only of its kind in North Africa. It displays artefacts which give to the visitor an idea about Jewish life, not only in the big historical cities, but also from remote rural communities. Not only about the better known Sephardic tradition, but also about the Amazigh Jewish tradition and Judeo-Arabic heritage.

Jewish Casablanca provides a living experience of Moroccan Judaism today.