Haim Casas  was born in Cordoba (Andalusia – Spain) in 1981. He grew up in South of Spain. While the impact of Judaism in Spain is, in some some ways cherished as an important part of Spanish history, the Jewish past/community is all but obsolete. Following the expulsion and then inquisition, the Jewish presence has been practically erased from collective memory.

After graduating from the Law School of the University of Seville (Spain), he committed himself to the recovering of Jewish Spain. He started in 2005 with a Spanish couple, who shared the passion for Sephardic Judaism, a cultural centre/ museum called Casa de Sefarad which can be visited today in the heart of the Jewish quarter of Cordoba. Meanwhile, along with other Jewish leaders, he started Beit Rambam, the first progressive congregation in South of Spain. In 2010, he opened Casa Mazal, a Cultural Café devoted to Sephardic gastronomy.

Casas is currently a student rabbi at Leo Baeck College in London. He also cooperates with some Jewish communities and cultural organizations in the UK, France, Spain and Morocco.

His dream is to promote spaces in Spain and Morocco where to encounter an inclusive and diverse experience of Judaism. Part of this dream is also to preserve and promote Spanish Jewish heritage.

He is a cultural advisor  of ‘Bab Mellah: The Jewish Quarter’.​