Yona Abeddour, Bab Mellah Project Director

Born and raised in Fez, Yona holds a Master’s Degree in Cultural Studies. He has written his thesis and lectured on the Representation of Moroccan Jews in Moroccan Cinema. One of his passions is making documentary films. Yona has produced films on Moroccan Judaism: Moroccan Judaism: A Culture in Danger (2011), and My Neighbor…The Jew (2012) among others. They have been shown in various universities, schools and centers in Morocco and abroad.

Yona is the founder of Bab Mellah Project meant to revive the Jewish heritage of the Jewish quarters in Morocco. He has been involved in various cultural and interfaith dialogues in different countries including the UK where he presented a couple of sessions on Jewish Morocco at Limmud UK. In 2016, he participated in Achvat Amim – Solidarity of Nations program in Jerusalem which allowed him to learn firsthand about the conflict for 5 months. In Jerusalem, he was a volunteer in the YMCA with the Jerusalem Youth Chorus and Hand In Hand School.

Currently he lives in France and is doing his PhD in anthropology at Ben Gurion University of the Negev on the Moroccan Jewish identity in France and Israel.